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Teacher Education: Perseverance or Professionalism 
Online Teaching at Its Best: Merging Instructional Design with Teaching and Learning Research 
Year: 2018 
ISBN: 1119242291 
Student Ratings of Instruction: A Practical Approach to Designing, Operating, and Reporting: Second Edition 
Edition: 2 
Year: 2014 
ISBN: 1500300373 
ISBN 13: 9781500300371 
Tertiary Curricula 
The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life 
Edition: 10 
Year: 2009 
Distance Learners in Higher Education: Institutional Responses for Quality Outcomes (Diversity Series No. 1) 
Year: 1998 
ISBN: 1891859234 
ISBN 13: 9781891859236 
Green guide No.13 Lecturing for better learning 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 0986613234 
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, 2nd edition 
Edition: 2 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 0871203766 
ISBN 13: 9780871203762 
Assessing for Learning: Building a Sustainable Commitment Across the Institution 
Edition: 2 
Year: 2010 
ISBN: 1579224415 
ISBN 13: 9781579224417 
Analysis and Communication at Alverno: An approach to Critical Thinking